Why SoulPancake is Changing the Face of the Internet

“We want to reinvigorate the way that people talk about life’s big questions.”

Have you heard about SoulPancake? If you haven’t, then I suggest you take the next hour and delve into the wonderful new media project, created by Joshua Homnick, Devon Gundry, and The Office‘s Rainn Wilson, that asks users to “chew on life’s big questions”.

New ways to enhance an individual’s experience on the internet have come and gone. The basis of SoulPancake, however, leads me to believe that this is a site that’s here to stay. Rather than focusing on the purely social aspect of websites like Facebook, Twitter, and others, SoulPancake invites users to enter into conversations about art, culture, and spirituality in order to broaden horizons and ask poignant questions about life. By inviting users to take part in the discussions, SoulPancake has merged the traditional aspects of a social networking site and an inventive take on the traditional content site. The combination? A bright, fun interface for people ready to discuss big ideas or just watch fun videos.

It seems that what really allowed SoulPancake to take off was the launching of their YouTube site. The conglomeration of both comedic and discussion based videos have allowed the site to grow to it’s full potential. Rainn Wilson’s videos, a series entitled Metaphysical Milkshake, involves interviews with celebrities about “deeper” topics. Maybe the most famous video, so far, is “A Pep Talk from Kid President to You” (I say most famous because it is currently at over 22 million views on YouTube), featuring an adorable little boy giving some important, though silly, words to the world. If you haven’t watched it, I included it above. Watch it once and come back to it, it’s wonderful every time.

A collection of heartwarming ideas, brought into conversations, videos and activities have launched SoulPancake into something very real, and very spectacular. An elementary school teacher in Massachusetts uses SoulPancake in her classrooms. Not exactly something you can say about Twitter or Tumblr.

If you have the time, take a look into what Wilson has created, or even spend a few minute watching a couple of their YouTube videos. Allow yourself to sip the “metaphysical milkshake” and chew on the big questions of life.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 11.14.33 PM


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