The Bling Ring

Living in Arkansas, I don’t always get access to some experiences that others in larger cities might. Sometimes this applies to sales at stores we don’t have, and sometimes it’s movies that aren’t the generic summer blockbuster. I was worried this would apply to the newest film by Sophia Coppola, The Bling Ring. Luckily, a couple friends and I found it at a theatre in Little Rock while there for a weekend. Although we didn’t drive 3 hours for a movie, it would have been worth it if we had.

Revolved around the teens behind the Hollywood burglaries in 2008 and 2009, The Bling Ring questions the effects of money, celebrity and Los Angeles on these five teens. Katie Chang plays Rebecca Ahn, the ringleader of the group, who has more than enough money yet steals from those with more. Cars, jewelry, couture, drugs, cash – nothing is off limits. The other characters are no different. They live in large homes with nice cars, yet no fame or fortune is ever enough. So they steal, repeatedly burglarizing homes of celebrities after scouring gossip columns to find out who will be out of town and when.


Though I found myself cringing while watching them dance around Paris Hilton’s home with bags of loot, Coppola finds a way to make the crimes both uncomfortable and intriguing. I found myself sucked in to the glitz and the glamour of the items they were taking, while simultaneously stunned at how brash they were about what they were doing. Coppola doesn’t lead the audience to believe anything in particular about these criminals, she merely presents the case and allows viewers to make up their minds. Should the celebrities be at fault for the lack of security, or should we look down on these kleptomaniac teens for their own greed?

The cherry on top was easily the soundtrack. With Sleigh Bells leading the charge in the opening sequence, as well as the trailer, the music selection for the film is flawless. If you’re looking for something in theaters that’s a bit different than every other summer movie, I highly recommend immersing yourself into the scandalous, criminal, questionable, and beautiful world of The Bling Ring.


  • Emma Watson is comedic gold, as is her on-screen mom, played by Leslie Mann.
  • The soundtrack, which features Sleigh Bells, Azealia Banks, Kanye, Phoenix, and others.
  • The garish beauty of the couture, as well as peering into the home of the self-obsessed Paris Hilton.


  •  Israel Broussard’s web-cam dance to “Drop It Low” not only felt out of place but was also far too long and just awkward to experience.
  • The Nancy Jo call, an infamous scene from Pretty Wild, ought to have been included.

My rating: 4.5/5

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 11.14.33 PM


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