Style Sites You Should Be In On


A different sale everyday? Sounds a bit overwhelming, but there are a few sites that have managed to take any confusion out of online shopping and have also managed to put all your favorite sales into one, convenient location. The results are in – here are the best sites to sign up for and trust that you’ll always have the best sales sent straight to your inbox. Continue reading


Top 3 Emmy Snubs This Year

 They’re here! The 2013 Emmy nominations were released a couple of days ago, and those of us who aren’t at San Diego Comic Con schmoozing it up with out favorite stars and shows have taken notice of the nominees. Although I’m reasonably pleased with a lot of the nominations, I do have a few stars that I really think deserved the nomination for what would be their category. Here’s my take.

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America, The Not So Beautiful

A lot of people lately have taken to telling those who complain about the state of things in this country to move elsewhere, and see how it really is better here. While I understand the argument, and that it is sometimes true, I think those people need to take a closer look at how things really are here. I could move to Russia, and have my internet monitored by the government to “prevent suicides and child pornography”, but why move when America is doing the same to “prevent terrorism”? I could move to the Middle East, where innocents are shot in the street and their killers usually remain free. Or I could move to Florida. I could move to India, where girls are gang raped and murdered, and the government does next to nothing to prevent such incidences from happening again. Or I could stay in this country, where if a rapist is an athlete, a soldier, or ha any sort of potential, then the public will mourn his conviction – if he’s convicted at all.

There are many more things that I could say about the Trayvon Martin case, SB5 in Texas, or just the general state of things in this country at the moment, but I won’t. I’ll allow my readers to make up their own opinion when it comes to current events at this time. I will say, however, that people should not be so quick to assume that we have it better here than anywhere else. We don’t. We have many privileges in this country that one may not have elsewhere, but we also lack many that would be necessary for the U.S. to be “the best”.

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Books to Read in Your 20’s

Have you seen these lists? A quick google search and you can find hundreds of these lists on a variety of websites. They usually include some assortment of genres, but nearly all include The Bell Jar, a book by a comedian (Bossypants by Tina Fey seems to be the current choice, though some still include works by Chelsea Handler), and On the Road. Although most of the books on these lists are undeniably great in their own way, though I can’t say I’ve read them all, I have a real problem with the idea that you need to read these books because you’re 20.

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The Bling Ring

Living in Arkansas, I don’t always get access to some experiences that others in larger cities might. Sometimes this applies to sales at stores we don’t have, and sometimes it’s movies that aren’t the generic summer blockbuster. I was worried this would apply to the newest film by Sophia Coppola, The Bling Ring. Luckily, a couple friends and I found it at a theatre in Little Rock while there for a weekend. Although we didn’t drive 3 hours for a movie, it would have been worth it if we had.

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