Style Sites You Should Be In On


A different sale everyday? Sounds a bit overwhelming, but there are a few sites that have managed to take any confusion out of online shopping and have also managed to put all your favorite sales into one, convenient location. The results are in – here are the best sites to sign up for and trust that you’ll always have the best sales sent straight to your inbox. Continue reading


The Bling Ring

Living in Arkansas, I don’t always get access to some experiences that others in larger cities might. Sometimes this applies to sales at stores we don’t have, and sometimes it’s movies that aren’t the generic summer blockbuster. I was worried this would apply to the newest film by Sophia Coppola, The Bling Ring. Luckily, a couple friends and I found it at a theatre in Little Rock while there for a weekend. Although we didn’t drive 3 hours for a movie, it would have been worth it if we had.

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Designers I Adore: Kate Spade

If my paycheck would allow it, I would live in Kate Spade and J. Crew. Unfortunately, the life of a college student is not one that generally allows for the spending of excessive amounts of money on items that aren’t essential to survival. That doesn’t mean I can’t window shop, though, and Kate Spade is one of my absolute favorite places to do so.

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Why SoulPancake is Changing the Face of the Internet

“We want to reinvigorate the way that people talk about life’s big questions.”

Have you heard about SoulPancake? If you haven’t, then I suggest you take the next hour and delve into the wonderful new media project, created by Joshua Homnick, Devon Gundry, and The Office‘s Rainn Wilson, that asks users to “chew on life’s big questions”.

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The Great Gatsby

Baz Luhrman’s glittering retelling of Fitzgerald’s classic was quite possibly the most anticipated films of this year. The trailers were all filled with the images ostentatious parties and the glamour of the 1920’s that anyone who has passed through a high school English class will recall from what is considered to be one of the great American novels. Although I will say that the film holds up as an adaptation, I still left feeling fairly disappointed.

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